Luminaire "Bora Cora"
Masse: h=50cm , b=50cm
Material: slip cast ceramics, Marabu feathers;
Feather colours: red, dark blue, grey, apricot, white, green;
Corpus colours: aqua blue, dark blue, red, orange, silver;
Two 25 Watt bulbs;
Price: 165.- Euro (plus P&P)
Pendant luminaire "Medusa",
Size: 160 cm,
Materials : Metal, slip cast ceramics, plastic;
8 bulbs, each 15 Watt,
Pendant luminaire "Blub"
Size: h= 120 cm; w = 80 cm;
Materias: metal, slip cast ceramics, plastic;
9 bulbs, each 25 Watt;
Pendant luminaire "Donatella"
Size: h = 130 cm , w = 60 cm
Materials: Metal, plastic, slip cast ceramics, silicone;
9 bulbs, each 25 Watt
Luminaire "Korallo"
Material: slip cast ceramics
Size: h = 50 cm; w = 70 cm;
Wall-mount luminaire "Koralla"
Material: slip cast ceramics;
Size: h = 50cm, w =40cm;
Two bulbs, each 25 Watt;
Bright corals, organic forms and skurrile fish and sea inhabitants, were source of the inspiration for these hand-made objects in a small series. Thusly, a dipping experience in the Red Sea does not always remain without consequences.