interior elements of the Cybernarium exhibition
Wall and cover design in the Siemens forum changed the interior of the showroom in spectacular ways.
Aluminum frameworks and bi-elastic materials enable textile architectures. With or without light , a fascinating, spaceseizing effect. This installation was necessary to shade a 250 a square meter large window area.
This space object is equally seat and eye catcher. With effect-lighting, an enrichment for every lounge. Rent or purchase possible (see also under objects).
Versatile space situations with atmospheric effects can be created by back lighting and different setup variants of our wall system.
Chillout-zone at the Omnium, dipped into blue light. A special work of art with visual effects invites for interaction and relaxation.
Amorphous sails shifted one into another. This three-dimensional stylistic idiom is a special highlight.
Textile walls, swinging radially one into another give an elegant look that can be complimented by scenic lighting.
This illuminated partition element is enabled for projection. A tasteful lighting solution, limiting open areas optically and acoustically. Height of 250 cm, length 320 cm
The tunnel - the entrance of the Cybernariumdays exhibition.
The visitors were joined in by projections and
light installations for the world about to experience. Also textual
informations could be displayed very well by back-projections.
Some impressions of interior objects from our creation. Basis of these objects are stretched fabrics on aluminum constructions. These can both be rented and acquired. Of course, we also realize different designs and complete concepts. We look forward to satisfy your special requirements for your event or fair appearance, to make you more successful.