Darmstadt at Expo Real in Munich
With great success Darmstadt presented itself for the first time at
Expo Real in Munich in 2002.
In 2002 Darmstadt again presented itself with great resonance
with modified stand design and textile sails.
In 2003, Darmstadt is again present with a recognisable design

this time as a corner stand built in a more open way.
The spiral stand architecture was formulated and expressed in co-
operation with Maila-Push.
In 2005, light aluminium frames came into operation and were
covered with bielastic textiles (height 4.80)
The atmospheric mood of the stand left permanent impressions
with the visitors.
The cantilever superstructure of the bar intrigued viewers through
the formal plainness and subtle construction.
Interactive, virtual applications running on computer terminals illustrated the visions concerning town construction of Darmstadt and their planning teams. Inside were standard PC tower cases.
The City of Darmstadt has been represented and displayed since 2001 at the Expo Real, a fair for trade real estate in Munich. For this, Atelier XTRAKT created a modularly designed strand, which can be accommodated for differing acreage and heights. The walls are defined as a spiral, the radii condensed to a counter, which results in an area of tension between open, inviting design and a meeting room inside the spiral. The urban contents and vision are mediated via virtual 3D city models, which were made by Maila-Push. Plasma-screens, projection surfaces and monitors for the terminals serve as an interface to the interested audience. Through the modernity of this stand, created by form and materiality, the Wissenschaftstadt Darmstadt could present itself as an innovative location to the public.