Cobalt Network Inc.
Cebit Draft rendering. The product of Cobald Network Inc. was set onto the stand as a product-dummy. The stand was made of perspex. The dummy counterbalanced the stand by being in textile.
This product was the central originator of the stand design. Material, haptic proportions and appearance of the Cobalt Qube.
Cobalt Networks – even a small fair stand can cause a great furore. Despite 30 square meters stand expanse, the Cobalt Network stand caught the attention of numerous TV teams. The main product, the Cobalt Qube, was colossally enthroned, true to the original, on the stand.
Presenting a brand on 30m²: Atelier XTRAKT had the opportunity to present a brand which had only two products in its portfolio, Cobalt QUBE and Cobalt Raqe, with the intention “Brand a Qube and sell the Raqe”. We branded the Qube, in an ingeniously simple manner that yielded great success. The blue Cube was placed as an overdimensional product dummy on the roof of the stand and it took effect to draw attention like a magnet. Inside the stand, there were blue backlit benches, a bar and a display showing the Qube. The surface of the stands were made from transparent, china blue Perspex, the cube, therefore, found a textile solution! The combination of discussion, in advance, with the media and the following presentation at Cebit, set a template for efficient design-expression. A new product could be established immediately.