Cybernarium Days / Siemens Forum München
The exhibition starts with an illuminated tunnel. The visitors are acclimated with information via retro projections.
Virtual worlds experienced in a real way — here numerous visitors could experience the virtual round tour through the Dome of Siena by means of a stereo projection on an expanse of 6 m height and 4.5 m width
The definition of the topic areas by coloured light alleviate the orientation. The textile wall system as well as the graphic pillars were back-lit in yellow.
The digital factory, the arthroscopy simulator and virtual manuals are mediated insights into future working methods.
The textile wall and room system makes it possible to create a room filled with atmosphere. The graphic pillars show pictures and texts concerning the exhibition and they create a harmonious unity.
Household ladders as sound- and vision creating instruments. The scales — inspiring and funny at the same time — realised with intelligent technique.
At the games station access to high technology could be mediated in a playful and instructive way.
The coloured light of the topic areas played a crucial role within the visitor logistic. Lights and colours as means of communication.
The textile room- and wall system makes back-enlightment and projection possible simultaneously. With our system new possibilities are established.
Through bracing within the room with our bielastic sails, rooms can be experienced newly. Our wall frames too make it possible to walk new paths (height here 7.20 m, weight > 50 kg).
Free floating sails as means of design create a link between two levels.
At the end of the exhibition, the audience is again guided through the tunnel to the outside.
Cybernarium Days — virtual worlds experienced in a real way

The latest technological developments and fascinating scientific information experienced interactively and thereby creating new experiences — this is the idea of Cybernarium.

In 2003, inspired by this idea, Atelier XTRAKT became an active partner in Cybernarium-Projekt-Association — a derivative of Fraunhofer Institut of graphic data processing. After two successful events in Darmstadt, the exhibition went on its first journey to Munich to the well-known Siemens Forum. Atelier XTRAKT was charged with the concept and realisation of the exhibition design. Through the backlit textile room and wall system, which we developed, combined with atmospheric light and colour design, we could create architecture that seemed to float. This then served as a linking element for the different topic areas and its exhibits. The different colour design helped guide visitors through the exhibit. The exhibition period ran for seven weeks and, from the point of view of those involved, was a great success.